So they call, they email, they stop in… You are not interested, even if they can change your life forever…. Wait! Hold up… maybe they can! What if you are so blind and numb to sales calls you are missing out on a great opportunity and partnership that could A. Make your life easier, B. […]

The invigorating smell of the Hot Rod Vent Stick will help neutralize odors while circulating a fresh, clean scent throughout your car. An absolutely amazing way to market your company, using the very iconic dome button to show off your logo, building brand recognition while the aroma will trigger powerful memories of your brand. Scent […]

Flashlights are a great way to enlighten your customers. Always needed. People keep them in their cars, key rings, kitchens, you name it.

Hats are a great way to promote your company’s name. Always fashionable,  lots of styles and designs to choose from. These are an inexpensive give away or a good resale item for your retail store. Need help with a design or logo ? We can help.

¬† 1. Promote goodwill. Are you involved in your community? Do you exhibit at the community expos, trade shows, health fairs, community service events, i.e. health fairs, charity golf tournaments, fundraising events? If yes, you need to provide your audience and fellow exhibitors with a tangible reminder that you were there, for the good of […]

This compact swivel design is handy because there is no cap to lose. 4 Gb of memory, swivel casing is durable and metal, body of the drive is translucent plastic. Priced at under 10.00 each for 100. **Does not include 43.75 set up fee or shipping**

With colder temps coming a great resale or gift item is a helmet liner with your logo on it. This works for outdoor stores – bikers, climbers and skiers, construction companies and energy services companies.¬†Polartec Power Stretch fabric. Four way stretch. Breathable moisture management. Comfortable next-to-skin. Wholesale pricing starting 10.00 each @ 100 quantity with […]