I have found a few articles by Peter Docker. I think they are worth sharing. By Peter Docker It seems that, sometimes, organisations are naturally attracted to making things complicated. We like to manage, to analyse, to strategise, to understand. And it can be very satisfying too, the ability to make sense of the complex […]

By David Mead A few months ago, a new, fancy auto service center opened up near my house. Let’s call it Fantastic Flynn’s. This place is over the top – gas station, car wash, detail shop, lube service, frozen yogurt – you could spend an entire Saturday afternoon there. Sounds great, right? Well, the only […]

Change can be confusing — even traumatic — for customers. Promotional products can help reassure them that while your company or product name may change, your commitment to their satisfaction remains the same. A promotional products campaign can also help you educate customers about the benefits of your new and improved product. One of our […]

If you have lost customers because of “perceived indifference,” promotional marketing products are an excellent way to re-establish contact and rekindle that relationship. We once developed a campaign for a large furniture store with a long list of inactive accounts — a teaser letter invited the recipients to come into the store to pick up […]

Increase High-Margin Sales Does your sales force consistently sell more of your low-margin products or services than your high-margin ones? If your sales balance is skewed, let us help create an employee incentive program or corporate award program focused on high-margin sales or on “under-represented” products. Electronics make great incentive or reward gifts. 7″ Touchscreen […]

5. Use Trade Show Promotions to Increase Traffic Trade shows are ideal venues for making a big impact. But don’t wait until the week before the show before thinking about what kind of trade show promotional items to distribute. Instead, be proactive. Plan well in advance. We’ll be happy to help you find innovative items […]

The goal of any sales meetings is to educate and motivate your sales force. But how can you reinforce those themes both during — and perhaps more importantly — after the meeting? A promotional product-based employee incentive program can offer a variety of creative and often inexpensive ways to encourage your salespeople. Solutions can range […]

17 Reasons to Use Promotional Products Wondering how promotional products can help your business? Check out the 3rd of 17 reasons below: 3 – Open New Accounts Studies show that combining marketing literature with promotional products is one of the surest ways to make a good impression on prospective customers. Given how hard you work […]

Establish Employee Incentive Programs Salespeople like commissions, but thrive on recognition. Certificates and plaques are yesterday’s news, though. Today you can affordably offer stand-out salespeople everything from customized display pieces to catalogs that allow them (and their families) to choose from a set of pre-determined merchandise. We can help you put together the corporate awards […]

1. Use Promotional Products to Launch New Products or Services It’s important to make the launch of any new product or service memorable, in addition to educating current and prospective customers about it. We can help you identify the right promotional marketing product mix to highlight its unique features or demonstrate its benefits. Here is […]