Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.” – Christina Baldwin


We are in very turbulent times, layoffs, downsizing, clients cutting budgets and some not buying at all.  Each of us have encountered, or may soon encounter events that will cause us to take a different path.  I too, have experienced these same issues, I too feel the brunt of what is going on now – but I will recover, and have recovered, as will you!


Historically these types of things happen again and again, it’s cyclical and the pendulum will swing the other direction soon.  But in the meantime, take this opportunity to reinvent yourself, reinvent your company, – and realize that you are (if you believe it) a tremendous asset to your clients, family, and friends – but most assuredly, you must believe.


I notice while meeting with clients, that many say they are either FLAT or significantly down in their sales and profits; however there is a small minority that are thriving, why is that?  I realized those who are thriving have a few common threads….


  • They don’t buy in to the drama;
  • They remain diligent and steadfast;
  • They are always positive;
  • They focus on what’s important;
  • They BELIEVE they make a difference every day!


Rise above minutia, rethink who you are, believe that you make a significant difference and reap the rewards – our time here is short – rise up, embrace change and make the best of every moment!


As always, continued success


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