trinity bagI’m not sure I meant to do it, it just sort of happened.

Lately we’ve been talking about the shelf life of a promotion.  How much mileage should you expect to get out of a gift?  Research tells us that sometimes that’s a matter of minutes because it tastes so good, other times it can me up to 4 years!  The industry uses “cost per impression” to tell the value of a product.  A coffee cup may cost you $4 and used every day for a year!  $4/365/7 impressions per day = .0015 (that’s 1/15th of a cent) per impression.  And people feel good when they drink that first cup making you look like the hero that you are!

There are a number of reasons someone would hang onto your product and we take the time to teach our clients  about longevity every day.  Will your choice of gift have utility?  Is it something that gets used every day?  Will it remind people of you?  These are just a snippet of the questions we ask because it’s important to get it right.

My brother and his family were visiting 12 years ago and being the good Wisconsin boys that we are, we headed to the local cheese factory and literally found more great Wisconsin cheese than they had room for on their voyage back to Florida.

I was able to “lend” Mike and his bride a small business bag to use as a carry on and get his goods home.  Good things come to those who persevere because they enjoyed that cheese with their friends and neighbors for the next few weeks.

I was reminded that they still use the bag after all these years when I received a picture of the bag going out on another trip.  12 years later and this bag has Elite
Status with Delta!  It seems it goes out with just about every member of the family.  When my nephew went to Hawaii and then Indonesia it was there.  It’s tagged along on family trips to see grand kids.  When they went to see my niece in New York, well it didn’t make any Broadway shows but it was there too.  This little $6 carry on size bag has a life of its own!

Certainly it’s not the longest someone has held on to a premium but it sure feels good when you hit one out of the park! Cost per impression over 12 years?  You do the math.  Am I now the favorite brother!  Well, it’s never been a competition has it.


A man ninety years old was asked to what he attributed his longevity. I reckon, he said, with a twinkle in his eye, it because most nights I went to bed and slept when I should have sat up and worried.  

Garson Kanin 

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