At times, if we’re not careful we become complacent with our clients, we may even feel that we are totally “locked in” and because of our ‘perceived’ relationship, our clients would never leave us for another vendor. Are you sure?

I make it a practice, even today, to continually ask my clients how I am doing? When at a show and after a presentation, I gather all the evaluations; I thumb through and locate all of the low scores, I review the comments and where applicable, I look to adapt and make the needed changes to try and perfect my delivery and presentation for the next group.

As owner of my former marketing firm, I regularly sent feedback response cards (BRC’s) and also lengthier, quarterly surveys to our clients to ensure our work, customer service and attitude were meeting – sorry, exceeding their expectations. This process proved invaluable on one particular occasion. My biggest client at the time gave me an awful review, he said that we had “…become aloof and arrogant and while we were definitely creative, if I could find someone else with equal creativity that treated us better I would leave in a minute…” WOW! – talk about getting hit by a bus!

While a hard pill to swallow, we were able to have a heart-to-heart conversation and rectify the problem – …hard, but important lesson learned.

Take the time to ask your clients how you are doing and where you can improve; don’t wait till they move on to ask the question – then it will be too late. And given the opportunity, they just might!

You’ve worked hard to get them as clients, you must now work doubly hard to retain them; take the time – it’s worth it!

-Cliff Quicksell

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