phone5. Use Trade Show Promotions to Increase Traffic
Trade shows are ideal venues for making a big impact. But don’t wait until the week before the show before thinking about what kind of trade show promotional items to distribute.

Instead, be proactive. Plan well in advance. We’ll be happy to help you find innovative items that will enable you to stand out from the crowd of vendors without breaking your budget. Ideally, use targeted mailings to encourage qualified buyers to visit your booth to get a customized trade show promotion. One campaign we created involved sending out a playing card to prospects, inviting them to visit the company booth and see how their poker hand stacked up. Everyone who showed up with the card was given an additional prize or a deck of cards (customized with the company’s logo) — after a product presentation, of course.
Prepaid Phone Cards are an Excellent Idea.

Provide customers with a means to make phone calls for free with Prepaid Phone Cards. Each Phone Card comes fully branded with your custom look. Customers can even be greeted by your brand’s specific message before making a call! Customers within the US and Canada can use Prepaid Phone Cards to call both domestically and internationally. Dial up success with Prepaid Phone Cards and give your US customers the ability to reach friends and family worldwide.

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